Episode 13

Making Investments Accessible: Gale Wilkinson's Angel Investing Change

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What happens when crowdfunding meets angel investing? The results are quite remarkable, especially when democratizing access to investing is being spearheaded by someone as savvy as Gale Wilkinson. 

Gale Wilkinson is the Founder of Vitalize Angels, a diverse investment community with buy-in from as little as $1K. She is sharing her acquired knowledge on investment funding and the future of WorkTech, PropTech, AI's integration into company vision, and so much more in today's inspiring episode. 

This is a deep dive into crowdfunding, angel investing, and just why Gale believes the investment industry is ready for a shakeup! 

And while Gale modestly insists that there is no replicable formula for her success, she is offering up plenty of actionable advice for those looking to forge a path in investing. 

From pre-seed investing to the value of proprietary data, angel investing has never looked more vitalized than with Vitalize Angels and the wisdom of Gale Wilkinson. Please join us. 

In This Episode:

- What are the different stages of investment funding?

- The Benefits of Early-Stage Investing  

- How did Vitalize Angels come about?

- AI and WorkTech: what does the future look like?

- The Value of Proprietary Data

- What does Gale look for in a founder?

Resources mentioned:

Email: larissa@vitalize.vc for a free quarter with Vitalize Angels

Connect with Gale Wilkinson: 

Website - https://www.vitalize.vc/

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Watch the full episode on YouTube - https://youtube.com/@AI_Entrepreneurs 

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