Episode 18

AI-Assisted Robotics for Home Healthcare With Charles Gellman of HiDOHealth

Maintaining good health is a challenge for patients who spend most of their time at home. The only time they communicate with healthcare providers is during hospitalization, an emergency room visit, or a doctor's clinic appointment.

One of the many challenges for providers is investigating the root cause of a patient's disease state. They often lack trustworthy information to determine whether medications are working as prescribed or whether the patient is communicating accurate information about medication regimens.

What if there's a device that can solve the problem?

Today's guest is Charles Gellman, the CEO and co-founder of HiDOHealth. This digital company prides itself on its innovative use of AI to enhance health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

HiDO stands for Health Information Data Outcomes or the blueprint for patient home healthcare. It is a patient-friendly device accompanied by a mobile application that helps automate home care by assisting patients with medication compliance.

Is HiDO the key to transforming the future of home healthcare? Let's find out in today's episode of Unlocking the AI Advantage.

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In This Episode:

- What is HiDOHealth?

- Who can benefit from HiDOHealth products?

- HiDOHealth patient care process 

- How does the device work?

- What technology is used in designing HiDOHealth products?

- The inspiration behind HiDOHealth

- How long did it take Charles to develop the product?

- Why Charles decided to venture into healthcare

- Where does the funding come from?

- From idea to product launch 

- Incorporating AI into the product for optimal results

- What are the roadblocks being encountered by HiDOHealth?

And more!

Connect with Charles Gellman:

Website - https://www.hidohealth.com/

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mshicgellman/

Connect with Ramesh Dontha:

AI Entrepreneurs Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheAIEntrepreneurs   

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